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The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie2 days ago

I'm thinking of making some fuss free video tutorials of recipes to make with children over the summer. Would you ...

A. Like to have that resource... Yes/No
B. Share with your FB friends ..Yes/No

Thank you for your feedback!! ❤💞

The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie3 days ago

After making these yesterday at Horfield CEVC Primary School I thought what a great raw summer snack for us all!
Would you like to try them?! ❤️👍

The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie added 4 new photos — attending an event at Horfield CEVC Primary School.4 days ago

What a great day! Experienced my first green room and gave my first autograph! Around 50 children made raw carrot cake bites or fresh pasta.

Thanks for having me Horfield CEVC Primary School ❤