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The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie11 hours ago

NEW! Read my interview with Bosh boys Ian and Henry who's latest book is currently in the top 10 and what Mr. Fuss Free thought to this #vegan recipe!

The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie added 4 new photos — at Pasture.1 day ago

Cider isn't commonly used as a pairing with food but last night we had 6 beautiful selected ciders from Thatchers Cider with 6 specially designed dishes by Sam Chef/Patron at Pasture.

"The only way to work out the dishes is to drink the cider!" said Sam. I hear your pain, Sam!

A triumph indeed. The variety of cider profiles from Thatchers was a pleasant surprise with a cider for all occasions! My favourite was the Family Reserve which looks like a champagne bottle and made in mind for lovers of fizz but without too much acidity or tannins.

Highlights for me last night were the Peruvian inspired Brixham scallop ceviche with tiger milk (aromatics from lime, ginger, chilli, coriander, Chinese goooseberry) The punchy flavours married with the subtle flavours of Thatchers Katy cider.

The signature short rib croquettes were rich and moorish served with a spicy aioli. The house smoked rib meat worked beautifully with Thatchers Vintage cider which is matured in oak vats.

The final flourish of the evening was a light choux pastry filled with THE tastiest crem pat enriched with praline offset with raspberry sharpness. Matched with the Thatchers Summer Vintage it's light, crisp and fruity profile would balance as well with a cheese course.

Sam and Pasture are going to be ones to watch on the Bristol food scene. Forward-thinking collaborating with progressive family run brands like Thatchers where all can showcase their passion. Thatchers have opened up my eyes to the amazing variety of their Ciders. There is more than a pint of cider from Thatchers!! Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Pasture Thatchers Cider

The Fuss Free Foodie

The Fuss Free Foodie3 days ago

NEW!! So excited to have my fuss free tips to reducing food waste published in the Crumbs online this week!
Share if you care to reduce your waste! 😍❤️👍❤️👍