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Short, sweet and not a lot to eat!

The heart of our house for me is the kitchen, and this week it has felt like this integral life-giving element has stopped beating!

It’s been a roller coaster it has to be said. Even though this is an agreed action to pay someone to demolish part of our house it has saddened me to hear the builders knocking walls out. And yes we are going to have this fabulous ‘new’ kitchen/dining area, but it made me wonder why at such an exciting time does the emotion come despite the promise of something so great?

We’ve lived here for 13 years and the ‘old’ house is a backdrop for many memories. Sitting in front of the fire in bewilderment as new parents, scuffed noses from falling down the patio steps, bump watch and a surprise 40th for Chris where he stood in shock with all friends gathered, hiding in the kitchen to name just a few!

It’s also made me realise how much time I spend in my kitchen; Prepping, cooking, writing….and I love the light that comes through the windows and the space I have to work on. Now my makeshift kitchen has no daylight and room for 1 chopping board! It makes me appreciate how in some parts of the world this amount of kitchen space is the norm.

It’s certainly made me think that the space you cook in needs to be one that feels right to you and one that you want to spend time in. I am finding I am putting music on to make my makeshift kitchen ‘feel’ better and keeping the gin bottle within good reach!! If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking or hanging out in the kitchen, what could you do to make it more appealing to you? A special picture, more tunes….it’s worth considering adding tweaks to enhance your enjoyment of your kitchen space.

So I have only cooked one meal in the ‘field’ kitchen on a 2 ring hotplate, and it went well enough. But I have to be honest I’m going to have to embrace it more next week and get myself cooking for friends! So I hope you’ll follow how we get on over the next 6 weeks or so. I’m posting ‘story’ updates regularly on Instagram, and doing a Facebook Live from the Fuss Free Foodie Page once a week along with other bits and pieces along the way!

Remember to keep loving and liking the Fuss Free Foodie to keep me in your feed and feed me the love! Lisa x

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