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When you lose your path, don’t seek too hard to get back on track….

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Sometimes lifes detours can reveal the best scenery; So if you lose your path, maybe don’t try too hard to get back on track. Often what we THINK is what we need isn’t always the case and the universe has a greater plan for us! Revealing far many more gifts and learnings than we could ever even imagine.

We have all experienced being diverted from an outcome, whether its day to day or a long-term goal or dream. And as frustrating as it can be, the reality is, it’s not always easy to come from a place of gratitude and thanks when it happens!! A period of adjustment, acceptance, grieving or just plain old getting angry may be needed to shift first in order to move into this space. Without pulling out all the cliches, life IS about the journey and not just the destination. If we can arrive at that place of acceptance and allow things to unfold, we may be able to actually see the beauty in this new, less travelled path.

Maybe the deviated journey we will learn something….a new skill, meet a new person who will inspire us in our endeavours or discover something about ourselves that we hadn’t realised. Yet had we tried to get back onto the original route we would never have had the chance to experience those things that would help us grow. As long as we are kind to ourselves along the way, and seek to approach the journey in a way that is true to ourselves, the experience and outcome is more likely to be positive.

I heard a saying 20 years ago that “what you will someday be you are now becoming.” I understood what it meant back then, but now with a reflective eye over those decades gone by and my own deviations and digressions, I understand the meaning more fully.

There is no point wishing that if I knew then what I know now that I would be further along in my endeavours or realised my passion sooner. It’s because of the exploits I went through that I have arrived at this point; I’m sure this isn’t THE arrival point, it is a beautiful stop off on the journey!

This week for me was quite different, as I have experienced the sheer beauty of the journey on one side and conversely the scariest of sheer drops on the other. I guess sometimes some of us are lucky enough to be shown both at once.  So I will be focusing my learning this week to help me navigate my way!

This weeks recipe, out of the pure fuss-free simplicity is a Panna cotta. Being led by a 14-year-olds enthusiasm for wanting to turn his hand to make it, I experienced this for the first time this week as well. Enjoyed by him, my kids…..and myself too! It is the easiest of desserts and great to make ahead for a party.

Let me know in the Fuss Free Foodie FB community what you think of Panna cotta and what you serve yours with, or just remember to give a share to add it to your timeline or share some FFF love with your foodie friends! Lisa xx

Vanilla Pannacotta

Serves 6

6 silver dariole moulds or rectangle loaf tin or ice cream tub, lightly oiled

10g leaf gelatin (5 1/2 sheets) (1-11/2 tsp Agar agar powder for vegetarians)
100ml milk
500ml double cream
1 vanilla pod, cut in half to expose the seeds or 1 tsp of vanilla extract
100g caster sugar

1. Fill a bowl with water and add the gelatin leaves to the water and leave
Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring to just below simmering point, then remove from the heat. Do not boil
2. Squeeze all the water out of the gelatin and add to the milk. Set aside.
**If using agar agar, add to the milk, stir and you can allow to boil until it melts, which should be 5 minutes
3. Pour the cream into another pan, add the vanilla extract OR the vanilla pod (scrape all the seeds out, add to the cream and then add the pod as well)
4. Bring to the boil over a low heat, stirring regularly. Remove from the heat as soon as boiling point is reached. Remove the vanilla pod
Add the milk mixture to the cream and stir
5. Gently pour into the molds, and once cooled leave in the fridge to set (around 2 hours)
6. To turn out, run warm water around the mould to release the Pannacotta
Serve simply with fruit, with or figs baked with honey. For a flourish and bit of crunch, make a tuile or biscuit! Enjoy!

**I have not yet tried this recipe using agar agar, but based on the equivalents, 1-1 1/2 tsp should bring a nice wobble!

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