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Mo in Nov, Stop in Oct, Dry in Jan…..I am all for reducing things we are doing too much of, but what if, you feel there wasn’t too much Xmas excess? For me, rather than give up something…I am going to add something to my daily life that will benefit me and those around me.

This time last year I began something that I still do every morning and is definitely a part of my daily routine now, still, a year on. My breakfast smoothie!

What I love about a smoothie breakfast is its fuss-free to make, as you chuck it all in your blender, ninja or bullet (!) and whiz. Secondly, it’s portable. Quite easily taken for your walk to school, car journey or train to work. Easy. Finally, you can get some greens in before 9 am, and if you add a high-quality protein powder, will keep you going until lunch. SO many fuss free benefits, and I love the taste of mine too!

Whilst I figure out what I will do this year, and with the kids back to school tomorrow, Lord knows I’m looking forward to being able to think again and work this out! In the meantime, I thought I would share with you my two favourite winter smoothies.

The first, was a revelation in Autumn for me, as not only did I have a load of squashes on my allotment that needed using, but with the spices, it warms me from the inside out when the mornings are getting fresh!

I roast a butternut squash when I have the oven on for something else (150 degrees for me so it doesn’t burn!), skin on if not too blemished, cut in half long ways, seeds scooped out and cut to 1-inch slices. No oil or anything needed. I then store it in the fridge or keep it in the freezer and take out as and when.

My spinach is actually bought fresh and then put in the freezer as it stays fresh and you pull it out a handful at a time. Similarly, with my bananas, when they are on the turn I peel and chop them into 1 1/2 inch pieces and freeze them too. All ready to go go go! I personally do find that I can only stand my spinach and 1 other frozen thing, otherwise it’s like ice cream!! Brrrr! So if I freeze my squash, I may use some unfrozen banana to balance it out.

….Let me know what your favourites are at The Fuss Free Foodie FB group and how you get along! Take a look at behind the scenes action and food reviews on the Fuss Free Foodie page, see my fuss-free life in pictures on Instagram or what I’m tweeting on Twitter. Don’t forget to keep seeing FFF in your feed, keep giving a little like, comment or share! Lisa x Happy New Year!!

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Serves 1

400ml Almond milk
2 scoops whey protein (I use USANA MySMART protein shake…click to shop)
3 pieces of butternut squash
1 1/2 inch of frozen banana
1 handful of frozen spinach leaves (or green of choice)
1/2 – 1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 – 1 tsp ground ginger
20 rasps of fresh nutmeg

Blitz until smooth and enjoy!

Choco Cherry Smoothie

Serves 1

400ml Almond milk
2 scoops whey protein (I use USANA MySMART protein shake…click to shop)
1 handful of frozen cherries
1 handful of frozen spinach leaves (or green of choice)
1 heaped tbsp of CACAO powder (not cocoa!)

Blitz until smooth and enjoy!

PB&J Smoothie
Serves 1

400ml almond milk
1 handful of frozen blackberries (I use Aldis)
1 large tbsp almond butter (or peanut…I prefer almond for health)
1 handful of frozen spinach leaves
1/2 small ripe avocado
2-3 stoned Medjool dates (Or a squidge of date syrup)
Optional add protein powder

Whizz in a blender…….and enjoy!

Forget the Fuss
I get my cherries, blueberries and blackberries frozen from Aldi, they are great value, and today I bought their Cacoa was great!

Care to share....?